Easy eco-friendly swaps you can make at home

Many of us want to do better when it comes to using eco-friendly products in our home, but it can be difficult sometimes to know where to start. Many brands make grand claims about their environmental initiatives, but when you look at the details it doesn’t always add up.

At And Relax Box we partner with a number of brands who are vegan, organic and use eco-friendly packaging. In this blog post we have rounded up a few easy switches you can make for small lifestyle changes that can support you on your green journey.

Skincare and bathroom

Vegan soap bars are an easy ‘bathroom swap’. Our favourite soap company Nuddy have shea butter bars that last longer than regular soaps and smell amazing. They also recently launched a shampoo bar which we are dying to try out. Lush also have some great options too – both Nuddy & Lush are cruelty-free and use recyclable packaging. Another benefit is that as soap bars are so compact in size, you can remove some of the usual bottle clutter from your bathroom.

Nuddy soap

With sensitive skin which is prone to regular breakouts it is important to not only choose organic skincare products that are won’t harm the environment, but also those that are kind to your skin, luckily the two usually go hand in hand.

Bloomtown‘s bath oil and indigo clay mask are two of our favourite skincare items. As they are made from natural ingredients, a little amount goes a long way so you definitely get your money’s worth. Bloomtown products are vegan, palm oil free, cruelty-free and made from natural ingredients.

Another easy swap is to consider changing cotton pads or wipes to reusable make-up remover cloths to remove your make-up each day. These reusable cloths help to cut down on waste material, they are also easy to clean and travel friendly. We would recommend the Erase Your Face cloths that appeared in our GLOW box, or the bamboo round cloths from Peace With The Wild.

Around the house

If you are a candle lover like us then you probably want to consider the type of home fragrance you are using in your home when considering your ecological footprint.

Soy wax reduces the amount of indoor air pollution in your home and is much better for your health, this is because soot from paraffin candles includes toxic chemicals. Soy is also a renewable resource and is therefore more sustainable compared to oil (paraffin is made up of the residue from oil refining).

Willow and Finn candle

There are plenty of great brands online which supply high quality soy wax candles, we have recently collaborated with Fika Candles and Willow and Finn who both supply a range of wonderful scents.

Capsule wardrobes

This one isn’t really a swap, but it is probably the best thing you can do when it comes to fashion and the environment.

Many of us are guilty of forgetting items that are in our wardrobe or never wearing clothes we once loved. A great way to reduce your environmental impact is to reduce the amount of new clothing you are purchasing as this helps to break the fast fashion cycle.

One way to do this is to create capsule collections of selected outfits for each season and rotate the clothes you are wearing in your wardrobe. Not only will you start to pay attention more to the items that you own, but you can be savvier when it comes to dressing for the ever-changing weather. It may seem like a little bit of effort to begin with, but once you get into the process it can actually be quite fun and make you more organised in the long run.