Three easy ways to boost your mood

At the moment it is important for us all to practice self-care and focus on our wellness. We are all living through an unusual time right now, whether you are a key worker, home schooling, self isolating, or working from home. We are all having to adapt to keep ourselves and others safe. In this blog post we discuss a few simple things we hope can bring a bit of joy to your day.

Lose yourself in an inspiring story

Storytelling is an age-old tradition because of the power that stories have, a great story can lift our mood, inspire us or move us. In a similar way, reading or listening to someone else’s incredible story can actually help with our own wellbeing.

You may have a great unread story sat on your bookshelf already, or a documentary you have been planning to watch which could be ideal for this, some of the best films are also those which tell a true story. If this story inspires you then you may choose to write down some of the thoughts you have and any ideas for the future.

Sign up to happy news

There has been a huge rise in searches for good news stories recently, which isn’t exactly surprising, but it does show how we are all craving to see more positive and light-hearted content online. It’s great to hear about positive movements in the world, such as news of endangered animals breeding or advancements in our knowledge of the environment. Other uplifting personal stories are also great to reflect on and find joy in.


Too much exposure to negative news has been proven in studies to have a negative effect on our wellbeing so it is a great idea to look for other alternatives. You can find a lot of dedicated news sites and accounts to help you view more positive news online. Below are a few good sources to follow:

Note for parents: Consider sharing some of these happy stories with your children and take part in this activity together. Our children are having a difficult time right now processing what is happening, life might seem confusing to them as their routine is all mixed up so it is great for them to hear about positive events too.

Had enough of the news in general? Why not check out some fun accounts below for a little distraction:

Create your own spa session

There are many ways to pamper yourself in the comfort of your own home. It is a really vital time for self-care at the moment as we all need to nurture our mental health. A little mood boost can go a long way to improve our wellness. If you are having a disturbed sleep pattern right now then this might also be a great way to relax before bedtime.

You can find a lot of guides online which show you how to make easy natural scrubs to exfoliate your skin using just essential oils and basic cupboard ingredients. Below are a few sugar and salt scrubs I made recently. Mixing these up and adding them to jars also kept the little one entertained for a few minutes (under safe supervision of course), so a win win here.

These scrubs are great for your skin and to help you relax. I focused on my hands quite a lot during this treatment as they are feeling dry recently with all the extra hand washing and sanitiser.

  • 150g of brown sugar, 1 tbsp vanilla extract, 1 tbsp coconut oil, 1 tbsp honey
  • 150g of himalayan salt, 15 drops of grapefruit essential oil, 2 tbsp coconut oil
  • 200g granulated sugar, 2 tbsp coconut oil, 15 drops of orange essential oil

Creating a steam facial treatment at home is also really simple, all you need is a towel, a bowl of hot water and essential oils. Oils such as tea tree or lavender work well but take a moment to research what is best for your skin type.

Right now we may not able to visit hair salons, but this does make it a good time to nourish our hair as many of us are using less heat products. Make use of hair masks during this time to keep the condition of your hair strong, silky and ready for a comeback!

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